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Cooperative Program to Establish Confucian

The ceremony on signing cooperative contact of establishing the Confucian Academy between Indonesian Widya Kartika University and Chongqing Normal University (CNU) was held at the No.3 conference hall in CNU at nine.

The relative members attended the ceremony, including Mr. Zhou Zeyang, President of CNU, Mr.Zhou xiaofeng ,Vice-President of CNU, Mr. willianto Ismadi , President of ?, Mr.Fu fujin , and Mrs.Hu Lang , Director of International Office, CNU. The Confucius Institute is planned to be established at the Surabaya, Wikipedia, the second largest city in Indonesia.

This seminar symbolized the implement of the establishment of Confucian Academy between Indonesian ? and CNU .This program will make great effort to enhance the understanding of Chinese language for Indonesian people and develop Sino- Indonesian cultural communication and friendship.

The Confucian Academy is an nonprofit educational organization co-established by China and foreign countries. It aims to enhance the understanding of Chinese language for people in the world and develop cultural communication and friendship with foreign countries. The Confucian Academy mainly devoted to establish the communication and cooperation between Chinese language and Chinese-foreign education , culture, and economy . Until the end of the last year, there are over 120 Confucian Academy or Confucian Class in over 50 counties and regions around the world.

It’s estimated that the education of Chinese language is developing fast in Indonesia. There are over 200,000,000 people in Indonesia, 10,000,000 of which are Chinese. The reason why Indonesia pay much attention to the education of Chinese language is that Chinese language is an international language. In 1973, Chinese language was listed as one of the languages used in UN and Security Council in the 28th UN assembly, which demonstrates the importance of Chinese language in the world.

This delegation would select over ten under-graduates from College of Literature and Journalism and College of Pre-education, in CNU. The under-graduates selected will teach in Indonesia .Except recruiting teachers, this delegation also have the plan to provide the position for two journalists. In 13th March, during the recruiting meeting for these jobs , students from College of Literature and Journalism and College of Pre-Education, in CNU, are full of confident .They will demonstrate their professional skills ; meanwhile ,they will extend excellent performance for the guests from afar.