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Why Study in CQNU

The school to adhere to the people-oriented, moral education first, the comprehensive development of educational concept, pay attention to the construction of campus culture, to promote "study good at thinking, and realistic practice" the good style of study and implement self education, strengthen the practice education, promoting the comprehensive development of students. It possesses 80 student organizations. Nearly three years, students in the "challenge cup" science and technology culture activity in the competition for national awards 206 items. The school has successively been awarded "national college students volunteer summer 'a program under which officials' social practice advanced unit". "The horse engineering", "WuZi education" and so on students' ideological education quality brand battle of campus culture, the national excellent prize, the third prize. School or "national school art education advanced unit", chongqing "sing read about the" activities demonstration base, chongqing "sing read about the" activities outstanding contribution unit.

Nearly 60 years, the school already fostering conveying of more than all kinds of graduates. A large number of graduates has become education, economy, culture, science and technology in the fields of the backbone backbone strength. Chongqing 90% of level 1 demonstration kindergartens kindergarten, 50% of chongqing of main urban areas, and 60% of elementary school teachers during the primary school teachers in our school are for graduates. Member of China, the director-general, hua luogeng math math prize, ChenShengShen math prize winner MaZhiMing, "the most beautiful village teacher" CaoJin etc are our graduates in the outstanding representatives.

The school master education internationalization trend, adhere to the open education, and has the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, more than 20 countries and regions of the education institutions established friendly cooperation relations, the development international communication and cooperation. In Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries founded the Confucius institute ", "Chinese teachers college". And Japan's international exchange foundation established cooperation "chongqing the window of the exchange". The school is higher education network organization international deaf people (PEN project) members.

In recent years, jia qinglin, xi jinping, HeGuoJiang, CCCPC liu yandong, bo xilai, XuJiaLu, HanQiDe, ZhangMeiYing, ZhengWanTong and other party and state leaders to the school, the school reform development guidance. The ministry of education, chongqing main leadership also many times from inspection instruction. At present, the school is in line with the national long-term education reform and development plan for, at the request of the implement of chongqing general secretary hu jintao's "314 overall arrangement", construction coordination of urban and rural synthetically reform testing district as a turning point, with the scientific concept of development and global work, improve education quality of teaching and scientific research level, social service ability and cultural inheritance innovation ability, to build features, the top, the domestic have an important effect on teaching research normal university and efforts to forge ahead!