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Correspondents From Oversea Chinese Medias Visited

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the establishment of Chongqing as a municipality and to further promote Chongqing abroad, a week of activities for Chinese media in foreign countries kicked off on June 16. On June 18, ten journalists from overseas Chinese media outlets- including Dafu TV Station of CCTV in Japan, Chinese Station of Australia, Chinese TV Station of Thailand, Chinese TV Station of New York City, Chinese Star TV Station of Chicago, and World Today TV Station located in Washington D.C- reported to CNU for the festivities. On June 18, the journalists from foreign media outlets arrived at CNU with the staff from the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, State Council and Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs: Chongqing Municipality. Mr. Yan Hong, Vice-president of CNU, and other related staff welcomed journalists there. Mr. Yan accompanied Hong and the journalists as they walked to Central Lake and listened to Mr. Yang Bangwei lay out the plan for construction on the new campus.

At 4:30 all the correspondents attended the symposium hosted by Vice-President Yan Hong. Yan Hong first delivered a welcoming address to all the visitors and then gave a brief speech about the general conditions of Chongqing Normal University. In his speech, he stressed CNU’s overseas Chinese Language programs and focused on the outstanding goals the school had achieved. After the speech, the visitors began to focus on the topics that they were interested in. The correspondents first described conditions of Chinese language education in their areas and then asked q about the details of CNU’s overseas Chinese language programs. They later began to discuss the possibility of promoting Chinese language education in their home countries. Vice-President Yan Hong, Madam Hu Lang, Director of International Office and Dr. Wang Yufei, Assistant Dean of College of Journalism & Literature were eager to answer all questions and cordially welcomed the cooperation proposal. At the end of the symposium, Mr. Lu Junhuo Program Official of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, (CAOSC) summarized the day’s events and thanked all the correspondents for their interest in Chinese language education and Chongqing City. He also mentioned that the State Council would attempt to support all programs carried in foreign countries.

After one hour, the friendly symposium came to an end. Other participants included: Madam Shui Qiang, Director of Popularity, Mr. Liu Weidong, Assistant Director of New Campus Administration Commission (NCAC), Mr. Zhang Wanchun, Assistant Director of NCAC and Mr. Fu Changbo, Assistant Director of NCAC.