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why study in Henan University of Technology

The school was founded in 1956, in 1959 began to undergraduate course education, began to train graduate students in 1979. From the school first century, the school for the subordinate colleges and universities; In August 1998 to henan management; In January 2010, henan provincial people's government and the national grain administration signing build henan university of technology

Personnel training

Has a student of more than 25000 people. Among them, the full-time this specialized subject lays 23800 people, master graduate student 1032 people, nearly foreign students. Otherwise continue education over 8000 students.

The school has been facing the whole country recruit students, already for the country more than 100000 qualified graduates conveying. Number of graduates has become the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics of various fronts technology backbone and key management, is for the motherland prosperous offer intelligence, and also for the school won respect and praise.

In recent years, the school through the deepening education teaching reform, to promote the quality education, actively carry out innovation education, talent training quality enhances unceasingly. Gained national teaching achievement prize a large number of provincial above teaching research results, and in the ministry of education level of job of undergraduate course teaching evaluation HuoPing outstanding; "The challenge cup" in the national university student extracurricular academic science and technology works in the competition, the total score of the whole province for six universities in high, and won the "cup"; Graduates in nine consecutive henan province university is located in the front row, two successive was awarded "national ordinary high school graduates employment advanced collective"; The school also received "henan public the most satisfied with the top ten universities and colleges of undergraduate course" and "henan province's most influential ten education brand" honorary title.

School running conditions

The school covers an area of 2826 acre, a building area of 890000 square meters, sports venues area of 87000 square meters, teaching and scientific research instrument equipment value of nearly 300 million yuan, collection books, including the first net of campus in henan province. Existing wheat and corn processing national engineering laboratory, food processing national engineering laboratories, the key laboratory, the state bureau engineering research center, provincial key laboratory of provincial level or above, engineering, such as laboratory center 15 and all kinds of the teaching, scientific research, training and practice platform nearly, teaching and scientific research facilities, the perfect function. In addition, the school also and society to build the "henan province industrial technology research institute", "the private economy research institute of henan province" and henan university of such as the combination of the first provincial workstation platform.