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Electrical Engineering(In English)Opening

Course Objectives

The master's program offered by the School of Electrical Engineering helps the students to gain knowledge and skills in a selected electrical engineering field that matches their interest, and to build solid foundation for a successful career as a professional engineer in a wide industrial or academic range.In this program, the students will develop their analyzing, designing and experimental abilities through courses, labs, project studies, and independent research.

Length of Study

The full-time scheme lasts for two years, consisting of four academic semesters.
Course Description
Each student will be under direct supervision of a faculty member, who helps to make an education plan for the individual student within the first semester according  to her or his researching interest. Firstly, a variety of classroom subjects are provided to the students in mathematics, computer science, and other fundamental fields  of electrical engineering to build their strong theoretical background; secondly, more specialized courses and laboratory units are introduced to the students to learn  up to date issues of interest in specific EE research areas and useful techniques that equip them well for further work; thirdly, each student carries out research  independently and completes her or his thesis.