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Why Study in XJTLU

At XJTLU we believe the whole University Experience on offer is something you would not find at any other University in China, Asia or anywhere else in the World. Here are some brilliant reasons to consider joining us at XJTLU:

1.Being a progressive Sino-British university with an exclusive HeXie management structure has resulted in a unique institution with considerable promise. Our modern campus offers excellent services to students, staff and the community at large, helping to secure our position as a top-tier institution in Jiangsu Province. We brought the first IELTS Test Centre to Suzhou, we offer local Fortune 500 business internships to our students, and we host social and academic public events, forums and conferences.

2.Our perspective is not limited to the local community; we, in the words of Sir Howard Newby (Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool), have a “global outlook”. Our education model integrates the best of Chinese and Western pedagogical methods, we enjoy the support from a Russell Group research institution in the form of the University of Liverpool, we have a unique tutoring system aimed at providing students with practical and theoretical expertise, and we will grant University of Liverpool and XJTLU degrees to our graduates.

3.Our Learning and Teaching Strategy has developed into an original model that both reflects the latest trends in global higher education, and inherits the learning cultures of the Chinese and British higher education systems.

4.We are committed to constructing a first-class research infrastructure and employing research-active staff to fulfill our vision. A tri-partnership agreement was signed between XJTLU and its two parent universities to strengthen the cooperation in research projects. Stronger research links were set up with multi-national companies located in Suzhou Industrial Park and Yangtze Delta Regions to facilitate the operation of joint research projects and research transfers.

5.The University is being supported by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) , which accelerates research development, and local and provincial government sources, including the Jiangsu NSF, Suzhou Program, SIP Service Industry Guide funding, and the Suzhou Social Science funding.

6.By virtue of being able to draw on the traditions, expertise and guidance of two highly regarded parent universities, and the firm implementation of our learning and teaching strategy, we will breed success in the education market and ever changing world.