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Living On Campus (in RMB)

International Student Hotel
100/ Standard room
Two beds, private bathroom, color TV, telephone, Internet connection, desk, lamp
30/bed/ twin room
Three rooms in an apartment, two beds in a room,color TV, telephone, Internet connection, desk in each room, shared bathroom with the other two rooms
Chinese Student Dormitory
Four persons share a room with a toilet, a telephone, a wardrobe and a desk.
With a Chinese family, one bedroom, two meals, share all the facilities with the family.

Dry cleaning, wash
8 RMB/piece

Note: YNNU keeps the right to adjust the prices when it is necessary and the students may not be informed in advance.

House off campus
Two rooms, one sitting room, kitchen, toilet, shower, furniture (Fee differs depending on the size and location of the apartment )
Rent: RMB 1000 - 1500/Month


RMB 6/meal, with rice, two kinds of meat, two vegetables in student canteen.