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Nanyang College

Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Nan Yang Academy was established in August 2008, taking Jiao Tong University, the predecessor of "Nan Yang" and "South Pacific" word in the name. The president is the Hong Kong Polytechnic University president, Prof Pan Zong guang.

College is located in the banks of Dong Ting where great poet Bai Ju yi once lived in Tang Dynasty. Historic atmosphere and modern civilization blend here. The community is in charge of the East seven building, East eight building, East nine building and the college office is located in the East nine building on the first floor.As one of the college which established later than others, when other college systems mature, the Nan Yang Academy has just started, but in order to create best learning and living conditions for Nan Yang students, college accelerated the pace of construction. The College has built, including reading room, information room, talking rooms, gym, student organization rooms, small meeting rooms, study rooms and part-time tutor rooms and other public activity areas. And gradually form a unique culture with a college identity system and educational management facilities.

College exists 90 classes, a total of more than 2,400 students. It covers the electrical engineering and automation, measurement and control technology and instruments, computer science and technology, public administration, and four professional youth classes. In the aspect of caucus, Party members are 439, of which 213 full members, a probationary member 226. Also, 26 student branches are set up. Student Party is the leading of students work and also the core of the college work. For the training of Party and the state qualified successors, doing the work of Party construction is necessary to lay a solid ideological foundation conditions.

College has now established a team of counselor, teacher, school teacher, general education instructors, peer counselors, student leaders. They formed the unity and efficient work force, including 15 instructors who are the Nan Yang College Administrator, Deputy Director of the Academy, the organization members and 12 political counselors. College pays great attention to the student's personality, developing students’ leadership, building brand activities of the College.By holding "Actions Cup" Nan Yang Academy scientific and cultural festivals, college creates a technological environment, training students’ science and technology practice ability. Meanwhile, college organizes students to actively participate in volunteer activities, shouldering social responsibility. A variety of social activities also guide the students about the society, approaching society, making the first step of "social man".

College is committed to create a warm home for students, and pay attention to the cultivation of character, the implementation of care plans, and gradually form a unique culture and system of the college. College positively builds student self-education, self-management platform. Regarding learning as the most important task for students, promote the overall development of students and enhance their overall quality. As the goal of fostering good community citizen, we enhance students’ moral, psychological and comprehensive ability.

More than a year of construction, Nan Yang Academy from scratch, from the positive groped to rapid development, has been cared and supported by all levels of leaders. Acquiring great efforts of working system and college, and also devoted the whole Nan Yang’s efforts. College construction and development of the task is still arduous. Xi'an Jiao Tong University’s new model of educating needs to continue exploration work. In the future, the College will be clear characteristics, increased work highlights.At the same time to promote Party construction helping the whole work, to combine class work with branches work, college organizes colorful activities to guide students to develop character and improve College culture, forming a strong "home" feeling. And gradually improve the college system construction, system construction will being implemented. Through acquiring the essence of Chinese civilization, inheriting the centuries-old of Jiao Tong University, referencing the advantages of the world-class residential college system management, Nan Yang Academy will be an important platform and vehicle of character forming, self-education and self-management.