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Service Guide

I. Security
1. Although public order is fairly good in Harbin, you had still better take some necessary precautions. Please pay attention to the safekeeping of your passport, money and belongings and do not carry your passport or too much cash on your person ordinarily. Usually, you only need your student ID card to prove your identity on campus or in Harbin. A large amount of money would be safer in the bank from where you can get money whenever you need it.
2. Before going to bed or leaving the flat, please make sure that the door, windows are closed and water, power and gas are switched off. Please be mindful of traffic safety when leaving the campus.
3. In the event of a gas leak:
 (1) Close the valves of the gas pipe at once, and then open the door and windows.
 (2) Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, and evacuate the buiding immediately.
 (3) Call alarm service: 82519999.
4.In case of fire:
 (1) Close the valves of the gas pipe at once, and switch off the power.
 (2) Save yourselves, and if the fire is not under control, use wet towel to cover your mouth and nose and evacuate the building immediately.
 (3) Call the fire service: 119.
5.Telephone number for emergencies
 (1) fire service: 119
robber alarm service police: 110
medical emergency aid: 120
 (2) telephone number for alarm on campus
fire service and robber alarm service police: 82519999
medical emergency aid: 82519666

II. Meal card
1. Overseas students can apply for a meal card in the dining hall at the overseas students’ accommodation office. You can get the meal card and deposit receipt by showing your student I.D. card to prove your identity and paying a 50-RMB deposit. Please keep your meal card and deposit receipt in order to get the deposit back.
2. Please remember the card number of your meal card. If the meal card is lost, please report the loss and the card number to the credit booth as soon as possible.
3. Overseas students can have meals in the following dining hall:
Students’ Dining Square, breakfast 7:00 - 8:30, lunch 10:30-12:30 and supper 16:30-18:30.
Students’ Dining City, breakfast 7:00-8:30, lunch 10:30-12:30 and supper 16:30-18:30. The 1st floor of Students’ Dining City is open from 9 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock at night. The dining hall provides all kinds of delicious Chinese traditional food so students can experience the long-standing culture of Chinese cuisine.
4.Students may recharge the balance on their meal card or report the loss of their card on the 2nd floor of the Students’ Dining Square or the 4th floor of Students’ Dining City during the opening hours:
 Morning Noon
Semester Days: Monday to Friday 7;00-8:30 11:00-13:30
weekends  11:00-13:30

5. Ten percent of the money added to the meal card will be deducted as a management fee.

III. Student I.D. card
1. After enrollment, the Overseas Students’ Affair Office will issue a student I.D. card to recruits. The student I.D. card is the identification of the student, so please take good care of it. It cannot be modified or used by others. Overseas students can use it to apply for the meal card, library card, and so on.
2. If the I.D. card is lost, please inform the overseas Students’ Affair Office immediately and apply for a new one with extra payment.

IV. Library Card
1. Library cards can be applied for at the university library with your student I.D. card and your reference from the Overseas Students’ Affair Office. Library cards can only be used by the card owner and cannot be used by others.
2. Please take good care of library card. If the library card is lost, please inform the loss of it to the library immediately and apply for a new one in order to avoid the unnecessary expense due to someone else finding and using the lost card.
3. Overseas students can borrow books or any other publications with their library card according to the regulations of the library.
4. Please take good care of books and the equipment of the library and observe the rules and regulations of the library.
5. Each library card-holder can only borrow 5 books at a time. Books on Chinese literature should be returned within half a month, books on natural science should be returned within one month and books in foreign languages should be returned within two months.
6. According to the regulations, borrow should compensated for the loss of books before the due date. If a lost book is overdue, an extra fine will be charged.
7. Books must be returned before leaving HEU; otherwise the leaving procedure can not be completed.

V. “200” telephone card
1. Each apartment is equipped with a “200” card phone, by which you can receive or make international calls. The phone is the public property of the flat. It is not allowed for students to change the phone line or move the telephone set without permission.
2. Please read the instruction and charging rules on the “200” card carefully for better use of it.
3. If something is wrong with the phone line, please call 82539955. If the phone does not work well, please inform the accommodation office at once. Repairing without permission is not allowed.

VI. Mobile
The business premises of China Unicom are located at No. 9 Students House. The business premises of China Mobile are located at the outside of the stadium. They provide some services, such as selling mobile phone and phone cards, mobile fee collection and other business.

Every bedroom is equipped with a broadband internet access port. The internet cards are sold on the 4th floor of Yifu Edifice.

The currency in China is RMB. Overseas students can exchange money at the Bank of China with their passport.
Bank Name Address Services
HEU Local Branch of Bank of China On the 1st floor of the stadium which is to the east side of No.9 Students House currencies exchange  business, foreign remittance business, and cash deposit or withdrawal business
Nantong Local Branch of Bank of China No.85, Nantong Street, Nangang District, which is opposite to the north gate of HEU
 USD and JPY exchange business, foreign remittance business, and cash deposit or withdrawal business
Heilongjiang Branch of Bank of China No. 19 Hongjun Street, Nangang District
Take 104 bus and get off at museum, then  turn right at Zhongshan Road, and go straight ahead about 50m. USD and JPY exchange business, foreign remittance business, cash deposit or withdrawal business, and dealing with traveler´s checks and partial credit card business

IX. Shopping
Name Address Opening Hours
Students Assistance Supermarket On the right side of students dining square 9:00-21:30
Service Shop Invested by the Army Near the main gate of HEU 8:30-18:00
Carrefour Take 104 bus and get off at Taiping Bridge, then turn left 8:30-22:00
Qiulin Department Store Take 104 bus and get off at Qiulin Department Store 8:30-19:00

X. Hospital
There is a Hospital of the University on campus. Non-serious medical conditions can be treated here. In addition, Harbin Medical University, The 1st Affiliated Hospital, is near HEU. It is a large general hospital.
Name Address Contact Number
Hospital of the University On the western side of gymnasium 82519666
Harbin Medical University The 1st Affiliated Hospital No. 23 Youzheng Street, Nangang District, Harbin 53643809

XI Insurance
There are many kinds of insurance, such as medical insurance, personal insurance, accident insurance and so on. It is advisable to buy the necessary insurance. The Overseas Students’ Affairs Office can help students contact the insurance agent.

XII. Recreation
There are ping-pong rooms, poolrooms, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a gym on campus. Students need to pay for using them. Harbin Amusement Park is opposite to the north gate of HEU. The scenery is very beautiful in the park, and there are a variety of amusements in it.

XIII. Booking Train and Air Tickets
There are several booking outlets which provide services for booking railway and air tickets, so booking tickets is very convenient. Contact numbers are as following:
Railway ticket:
Air ticket: 53668811 (domestic airline), 53604377 (international airline)

XIIII. Holiday
The statutory holidays in China are as follows

Holiday Name Date of Beginning Duration
New Year (Yuan Dan) January 1 one day
Labor´s Holiday(Lao Dong Jie) May 1 7 days (1st of May until 7th of May in general)
National day (Guo Qing Jie) October 1 7 days (1st of October until 7th of October in general)
Summer vacation middle of July about 40 days
Winter vacation middle of January about 50 days
In addition, Chinese people will hold celebrations for several traditional festivals, such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival (5th of May in Chinese calendar), Mid-Autumn Festival (15th of August in Chinese calendar), Tomb-Sweeping Day and so on.