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The Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has a long history with education. Tens of thousands of its alumni spread all over the country and the globe. Many alumni make indelible contribution for Chinas economic and social development; especially the development of silk, textile and fashion industries, which are the treasures of the university. In order to arouse their patriotism, enhance communication and promote cooperation, with the university and among the alumni (both domestic and overseas), the university officially founded the alumni assemble on the 90th anniversary in 1987 with the approval from its administrative department- -the State Ministry of Textile Industry. The first alumni board of directors was held on April 5, 1987, Zhu Yuxin and Yan Haojing were appointed as honorary chairmen, Wang Jusheng and Xi Qianlong were appointed as honorary directors, Chen Zhongren was appointed as president and Dong Bingeng was appointed as vice secretary. The council had 13 vice presidents including Zhang Youmei, Zhou Hongchang and 86 directors.

The second alumni board of directors was held on the 95th anniversary in May 1992, when the alumni association was set up and the constitution of the alumni association was approved. 131 directors were selected for the third board and the alumni association assigned 40 persons in more than 30 province, cities and autonomous regions for contact. In October 1994 and October 1996 when the 97th and 98th anniversaries were celebrated, the alumni attended the memorial meeting and discussion meeting for the celebration of the 100th anniversary.

Over 3,000 alumni returned to their alma mater and attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary in 1997. 120 directors of the alumni association for the fourth board were selected by written vote after the 100th anniversary.

The alumni contact office was founded in January 1998 for better communication among the alumni and for the reform and development of the university. When the university reformed its administrative system in December 1998, the job of alumni contact was merged to the Party Office. In December 2002, it was transferred to the Division of Development and Planning.