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WMU Ranks Second of Social Science Research among Medical Colleges in China

The 2017 Chinese university ranking has been published recently, which was conducted by Wu Shulian, team leader of the research group, Chinese University Evaluation, from Chinese Academy of Management Science. WMU ranks No.2 among almost 180 independently set medical colleges in China in terms of social science research capability. It is also worth mentioning that WMU has ranked first for three consecutive years in all Chinese medical colleges in terms of the number of projects subsidized by National Social Science Fund of China, and the number of academic essays published on CSSCI, respectively.

In recent years, WMU has put great premium on the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences. To promote the construction of humanities and social sciences related majors and the management services, WMU was the first to set up social sciences department among all the independently set Chinese medical colleges. A series of measures have stimulated the development of WMU. Such measures are introducing leading talents in the subject of humanities and social sciences, perfecting the regulations of scientific research funds in humanities and social sciences, lowering the limits of authority for reviewing and approving scientific research funds, improving the incentive mechanisms of the humanities and social sciences, expanding the cultivation of scientific research teams, funding the publications of academic works that have great value and strengthening the construction of academic exchanges platform of humanities and social sciences, to name but a few. The above-mentioned measures have jointly created a favorable environment for the prosperity and development of WMU’s philosophy social sciences. WMU’s humanities and social sciences have harvested tangible fruits in terms of scientific research, result transformation, platform construction and community services.

China’s top 15 medical colleges in terms of social science research capability.