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Overseas Training Platform Launched to Allow Grassroots-level General Practitioners to “Go Out”

Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) has recently sent 22 trainers of grassroots general health workers from its Renji College, the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, and 13 community health centers in Zhejiang Province to Monash University, Australia for a 15-day training session on general practice teaching skills to improve the teaching ability of trainers at the school’s community practice bases for general medicine


During 15 days of learning, participants attended a number of thematic lectures including “Background, Policies, Challenges, Opportunities, and Reform of General Practice in Australia”, “Medical Education, General Practice Training and Physician’s Continuing Career Development” arranged by Monash University. In addition, they visited the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) headquarters, the Eastern Victoria General Practice Training (EVGPT) Center, the Monash Medical Center as well as two local general hospitals and three community clinics. After the training, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the general medicine and primary healthcare system reform and status quo, the general medical training and doctor’s continuing career development, general medical treatment skills and service models in Australia.

When coming back home, teachers receiving the training commented that the eye-opening training experience has broadened their horizons and deepened their understanding of general medicine. “A lot of teaching concepts, methods, standards and medical care practices in Australia are worth our reference and learning. In particular, I am deeply impressed that general practitioners in Australia follow the same training procedure and standards of doctors plus three years of specialized training. That is what we are doing and will do in China in the future. I think that is the only way to improve the service quality of general practitioners at community level.” said Ms Song from the community health service center at Guali Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, which is one of WMU’s community practice bases for general practitioners.

Since the launch of the practice platform for general practitioners in 2013, WMU has reportedly completed the construction of 65 community practice bases, a general medicine teaching base, and 8 exemplary community practice bases across Zhejiang Province. In addition, in recent years, WMU has been committed to improving the level and capabilities of teaching bases and teachers. Up to now, WMU has held four sessions of “China-Australian General Medicine Training Workshop” in China and three professional training sessions overseas. Jointly organized by WMU and the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, the event is the first ever overseas training program designed specifically for general practitioners, mainly the general practice trainers in WMU’s 65 community practice bases for general medicine.