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Jean-Jacques, French Science Consul Visit Wenzhou Medical College

Science Consul Jean-Jacques Pierrat from French Consulates-general Shanghai paid his first visit to Wenzhou Medical College on July 1st, and was warmly received by the Vice President Chen Xiaoming.

Vice President Chen Xiaoming, on behalf of the Wenzhou Medical College, welcomed the visit of Mr. Jean-Jacques PIERRAT, and made a presentation to Mr. Jean-Jacques PIERRAT on the general information of Wenzhou Medical College. Vice President Chen said, Wenzhou Medical College is keen to promote international exchanges and cooperation. It has already formed various partnerships with many overseas universities and organizations. He hopes that the visit of Mr. Jean-Jacques Pierrat could be the first step leading to potential cooperation between Wenzhou Medical College and French universities and organizations, especially on the education of medical talents and medical research, so as to further academic and cultural exchange between China and France.


Mr. Jean-Jacques Pierrat expressed his expectation to strengthen ties between Wenzhou Medical College and French universities and institutions, so as to deepen the cooperation on multiple aspects such as education, scientific research and cultural exchanges between the two sides.