Leaders Visiting the Student Lee Sangjin in Hospital

While going for dinner outside, Korean student Lee Sangjin hurt his elbow by an accident On Sep. 24th. At the moment, he was sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College and a surgical operation was needed urgently.

Zhu Jianping, our secretary of the party, paid great attention to this and  he arrived to the hospital with other colleagues at the first moment. He patiently asked about the injury and the operative plan. When he knew there was a Korean-speaking doctor who helped to solve the language block during Lee Sangjin’s operation, he felt a little relieved. In the bed-ward, he told Lee Sangjin to put down the burden and coordinate with doctor’s medical treatment. Meanwhile, he asked Lee Sangjin if he needed something else.  On the scene of ward, he settled down the situation of caregivers and nursing ect. .

On hearing Lee Sangjin’s operation was done, secretary Zhu again visited his ward in the hospital On Sep. 29th, he wished him a quick recovery and come back to the family of college soon.

Lee Sangjin was greatly moved by secretary Zhu’s kindness and concern. He said the college is like his second home and he felt family warm from secretary Zhu and all of the family members.