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Tuition Fees

Degree students’ tuition is charged according to the amount of credits that he/she chooses. The following prices are listed only for reference.


Fee Item

Sum (RMB)

Teaching materials fee

RMB 300 per semester

Insurance fee

RMB 400 per semester

Tuition for Trade-research 

and Study-tour fee

RMB 2200 per month

Tuition for one semester's 

Chinese Language Training fee

RMB 7000 per semester

Tuition for one year's 

Chinese Language Training fee

RMB 12000 per academic year

Tuition for The Training Course of 

"Do Business To China" fee

RMB 12000 per academic year

Tuition for bachelors degree student 
or general advanced student fee

Liberal Arts: RMB 18000/year

Science&Business: RMB 20000/year

Tuition for master's degree student

 or senior advanced student fee

Liberal Arts: RMB 20000/year

Science&Business: RMB 22000/year