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Our school organizes international students to experience the traditional Dragon Boat Festival culture and art works exhibition activities

On the afternoon of June 13th, international education college (admission management department) held the activity of "international students' traditional cultural experience and artistic works exhibition" in the lobby of building 3, north campus. Wenzhou university vice-chancellor, Qian Jiang party committee members, the school students management committee, institute of international education (tube) President and secretary of the relevant person in charge of Ye Miao etc, commissioner of the international students, the teacher in charge, and teachers' representative, the relevant person in charge of wenzhou city, ouhai district staff attended the activities related to the entry and exit, Zimbabwe, South Korea, uzbekistan and so on more than 20 countries more than 100 students attend. They experienced the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, by eating zongzi, weaving egg bags, hand-painted duck eggs, smashing eggs and art exhibitions.


Qian qiang made a speech. On behalf of the school, he first extended greetings to the teachers, students and guests at home and abroad! He introduced the long history and folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in China and the fact that it was the first Chinese festival to be selected as a world intangible cultural heritage. He stressed that the relationship between the country and the people lies in mutual understanding. World cultural exchange is an important way to build a bridge of mutual understanding, and it is also an important link to forge a bond of friendship. He wants to, through the experience of traditional Chinese dragon boat culture, share the world multinational culture, display, international students excellent cultural works of wenzhou university can influence each other, mutual communion between Chinese and foreign youth, learn to look at with equality, respect, and love the world, with appreciation, tolerance, mutual learning attitude to look at different civilizations in the world, make the world a better place."


At the event, Chinese students majoring in aviation management introduced the history and traditional activities of the Dragon Boat Festival in China. Students from Thailand and South Korea presented special events and food for the Thai soongan festival, the laekaratong festival and the Korean Dragon Boat Festival. Uzbek student JURABOEV OTABEK (odah) introduced the celebrations of the festival. African students showed their passion for the traditional African dance. Angolan student TAVIRA JENIFFER PRISCILA DA CUNHA's Portuguese songs and Chinese southern boxing by African students such as AUDU ERNEST KWASI KORANTENG brought the event to a climax and won warm applause from the audience.


More than 20 students from 11 countries including Uganda, the Netherlands and Brazil also received more than 90 works of paper cutting, handicrafts, painting, photography and calligraphy. Zhou jiajao, a chinese-american student in Brazil, shows his love and dedication to the traditional Chinese culture with his exquisite and vivid brush strokes of tang bohu's sonorous mountain road map. Bangladeshi student ROY JOY's "struggle" shows a vivid picture of local farmers working. From Liberia SANOE SIDIKI A said, "I'm very interested in the traditional culture of different countries, the event for international students and Chinese students provides A platform for communication and study each other, let us from the communication promote the traditional culture and values of different understanding and understanding, let I learned A lot."

It is understood that the international students dragon boat on the experience of traditional culture and art exhibition, wenzhou city, deputy chief editor zhou xiang yong also to the institute of international education (tube) President and party secretary Ye Miao granted "HELLO wenzhou club" activity base board, the residents in wenzhou created a platform to communicate with foreigners in temperature activity.