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Wenzhou University--New Journey Starts from Here!

Wenzhou University has always been dedicated to providing quality education for international students who want to pursue further study. This is a university with countless opportunities and a place you take control of your future. Studying in Wenzhou University is a passport to successful life and career, but what makes it special is its care for international students. To make you get as involved as possible in university life, Wenzhou university gives you a support network and help to get you oriented during the Freshers’ Week. 

These days Wenzhou University has been busy greeting its new incoming international students from different places around the world. Current students who have great passion for welcoming international students have made great contributions to Freshers’ Week. The campus comes alive with energetic new students as well as those kind, caring and thoughtful current students. Considering it would be difficult in the new environment, all of the current students show their hospitality to international students by providing assistance for them with their arrival when they got there. Many of them so far have joined the SICAS Care team which plays an important part in taking care of these international students. These students picked up international students from the airport and settle them into their new home in Wenzhou University. When a group of students returned to the campus, another group responsible for school enrollment had already been there. They offered to help these international students with school enrollment which involves a lot of complicated procedures and takes patience and time to go through. Luckily, accompanied by these volunteers, everything worked out perfectly. Student volunteers also took international students on a tour of the campus hoping to get them as involved as possible in university life.

The best way to learn about what it’s really like in Wenzhou University is to hear from people who know it best: international students. Here is what they said!

“I really enjoyed our International Freshers’ Week and some of the people I met became some of my best friends. That’s not to say there’s no culture shock, but it makes it easier to adjust.” said Farhiya, a gril from Tanzania.

“Wenzhou University is a very good college. They really care about their students.” said Robert, a boy going to study Chinese program in Wenzhou University.

“I didn’t want to leave home. it’s so hard to say goodbye to my parents. There were some tears but once I got off the plane I was fine.” said Janice, a girl from Zimbabwe, who is now having a good chat with her new friends. “Everything around here is so fresh for me and I can’t wait to start my new life.” 

Leaving home to study in another country can be really a transition. However, experience in Wenzhou University so far has been amazing, which makes you let go of the sadness of your departure from your home country and encourage you to embrace a whole new life. Here you don’t have to worry about the culture shock as everyone is very welcoming and helpful. Also, you will never get lonely as you have a great chance to meet new friends before the start of term. Also, you won’t get homesick there’s always someone standing by your side when you need to talk. Everyone here cares about you and makes you feel like home. Those who once have a fear of isolation will soon find you have made real connections with people around you!