Song Yifan teacher education aid honored sportspeople in xinjiangongYiFan

January 8 day night, the first aid aksu area of zhejiang province in xinjiang "bilingual education teacher training teachers honored sportspeople. Guangdong provincial department of education HeXingRen, deputy head of the province to the director of personnel such as meng, normal place by LiMinJiang leaders to visit hangzhou xiaoshan airport, meet 17 education aid to xinjiang teachers.

Since October 2010, Song Yifan represents the first education aid wenzhou university in xinjiang teachers, and since then he's the bilingual teaching root aksu, for the local eight class more than 300 uighurs primary school teachers provide putonghua teaching service, help aksu education college development the mandarin training course "and supporting the recording, recorded all the intensive reading the text. Due to the excellent work performance, aksu education college SongYiFan awarded 2011 annual "excellent teacher", zhejiang province xinjiang headquarters SongYiFan teacher grant aid assistance work to xinjiang advanced individual "honor of ideological and political education work 12 th theory seminar