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ZAFU Scientific Research Meeting Held

On 7th March, ZAFU has held the scientific research meeting to discuss the ‘Twelve Five’ development project of scientific research. On the meeting the research target for 2011 has been settled, as well as the recent work. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Jin Peihua. The official from the scientific and technical department and official in charge of scientific effort from schools have attended the meeting.Jin Peihua introduced the detailed plan of the ‘1030 scientific research plan’which is included in the ‘Twelve Five’ research development project of ZAFU.

He proposed that during the ‘Twelve Five’period, ZAFU will develop 10 major fields and 30 advanced theme of scientific reserch. He also emphosized on establishing researchprogramme, especially on the national level. At least 100,000,000 yuan research fund will be acquired. On the meeting Jin Peihua also proposed the outline of the survey of scientific effort for the official from schools.