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Zhejiang Characteristic Forestry Economic

Zhejiang Characteristic Forestry Economic Development Forum & Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Department—Zhejiang A & F University Technology SerVice and Social Cooperation Symposium was held at ZAFU. Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Department Director Lou Guohua and Deputy Director Wu Hong attended the symposium and addressed. ZAFU President Zhou Guomo gave welcome remarks and Vice President Bao Binfu introduced related information of ZAFU serving Zhejiang mountains economic development. The symposium was presided over by Vice President Jin Peihua.

President Zhou pointed out that constructing mountain Zhejiang and developing mountains economy was an important strategic decision made by Zhejiang provincial party committee and government. As the only one province-owned agriculture and forestry university, ZAFU has been to take serving local economic construction, new village construction and mountains forestry economic development as its own responsibility, gaining great economic and social benefits through science and technology cooperation with over 40 cities and counties such as Lishui, Suichang and Lin’an, and has become an important force in promoting rural construction, agricultural development and farmer-amass. He hoped that our university would get a clearer thought and aim in serving mountains characteristic forestry economic development and make greater contributions to local economic construction and social development through this activity.
ZAFU Vice President Bao Binfu gave an account of overview of ZAFU’s serving mountains forestry construction, key areas and thinking of future cooperation. Then Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Department Deputy Director Wu Hong gave a full affirmation on ZAFU’s serving mountains economic development especially on Lishui Mode and also put forward some new requirements and hope.

Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Department Director Lou Guohua also addressed in the forum. He pointed out the reality basis of Zhejiang, and affirmed ZAFU’s great contribution to Zhejiang economic and social development by providing with science and technology services and talents. At last, he expected that ZAFU would stress the key points and pay special attention to demonstration and innovation mode in the science and technology cooperation services, and push Zhejiang mountains characteristic forestry economic development into a new stage.