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Zhejiang Gongshang University Vice President Met with New Agent General of Alliance Francaise

On the morning of February 21, 2014 Zhejiang Gongdhang University vice president Dai Wenzhan met with newly appointed agent general of Alliance Francaise Mr,Jean-Luc Tissier and the director of Alliance Francaise of Zhejiang Gangshang University Ms. Malard Christine. The leader of International Office and the head of Alliance Fraincaise of Zhejiang Gangshang University attended the meeting.


Vice president Dai Wenzhan on behalf of Zhejiang Gangshang University expressed the warm welcome to the guests and introduced the basic situation of Zhejiang Gangshang University and international strategic objectives, especially the past five years running of Alliance Francaise of Zhejiang Gangshang University, hoping it will get better development under the support of agent general. As the new agent general in China Mr. Jean-Luc Tissier chose Alliance Francaise of Zhejiang Gangshang University as the first stop, which indicates the highly importance he paid to. Jean-Luc Tissier expressed the gratitude to Zhejiang Gangshang University for its long-term support to Alliance Francaise.

Zhejiang Gangshang University is the only cooperative partner for Alliance Francaise in Zhejiang Province. Since the establishment of the Alliance Francaise in November 2008, the number of registered students has surpassed 4000 and lectures about advanced French education and cultural activities have been held over 300, including the annual French day theme in International Cartoon Festival and Hangzhou French film week. Alliance Francaise is by far the largest French training institution and one of the most important exchange centers in Zhejiang province which appreciated by French Embassy andHangzhou Municipal Government. Alliance Francaise director of Zhejiang Gangshang University won the French Knight and the former director of France won West Lake Friendship Award.