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A Grateful Letter from Samaila

Hi. I’m Samaila from Nigeria. I want to thank you for sending me to study in Zhejiang Gongshang University. Though I just have been to China for less than a month, I can figure that, studying in China was the best decision ever made in my life. I find that a door of new life open for me. Meeting new friends, wandering around the prosperous city, various activities are filling in my life. My life now is like a play features a wide variety of characters whose lives are diverse and colorful and whose stories are vivacious and intriguing but I have never imagined. I will be proud of this period of my life. Thank you for your help.

In addition, I want to say thanks to the girl picking me at the airport who is staff of SICAS. She really helped a lot. Hope you can pass my gratitude to the right person for me. Thanks.