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Life on Campuses

Xiasha Campus

The Xiasha Campus, the central campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University is located in the Xiasha District for Higher Educational Institutions in the northeastern part of Hangzhou City. The Xiasha Higher Educational District has fourteen universities and institutes, with a combined student population of 220,000. ZGU's Xiasha campus with
an area of 106 hectares is the largest one in the district. The campus borders the Qiantang River, the tide of which is a splendid and miraculous phenomenon, well-known in China.

The design of the campus well reflects ZGU's concept of human-centered education, the harmony between humans and the environment, and the idea of sustainable development. The campus is divided into four parts: classroom buildings, office buildings, sports facilities and residential areas. Located near the Qiantang River, ZGU's classroom buildings are designed in the shape of traditional Chinese ships, symbolizing that students are sailing on an ocean of knowledge. The Campus is well known for its unique architecture, modern equipments and beautiful environment.

Downtown Campus

The Downtown Campus, the cradle of ZGU, is located in the central part of Hangzhou city, 10 minutes drive from the famous West Lake. On this campus School of International Education provides international students with program of Chinese Language and Culture.