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Vice-President Ren Zhiguo Met with Delegation from University of Massachusetts Boston

On the morning of May 4th, ZJSU Vice-President Ren Zhiguo met with the delegation from University of Massachusetts Boston (UMASS Boston) at Xiasha Campus. Among the delegation members are Kathleen Teehan, Vice-Chancellor of UMASS Boston, Mr. Guo Yunkui, dean of the Chinese Research Institute of UMASS Boston, Ms. Donna Kuizenga, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, UMASS Boston and Ms. Li Zhuohan, director of the Beijing Office of UMASS Boston. Relevant staff from International Office and Hangzhou Institute of Commerce of ZJSU also attended the meeting.

Vice-President Ren extended his warm welcome to the delegetion and introduced to them the features of our university, hoping to promote all-round cooperations between both universities in areas like student exchange, etc. He especially wished that Hangzhou Institute of Commerce could carry out certain cooperations in economics and management disciplines with UMASS Boston. Vice-Chancellor Teehan and Mr. GUO also introduced to ZJSU teachers the general features of UMASS Boston, highlighting her exchanges and cooperations with Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Sichuan University. Meanwhile, the delegation members expressed their desire to cooperate with our university.

The delegation also paid a visit to our Library and Sports Center.

UMASS was founded in 1863. It is a comprehensive research university with about 63000 students. Its Boston Campus was founded in 1964, and is located at the downtown area of Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, it has more than 13000 students and offers 125 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral majors. Famous alumni of UMASS include Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, Prof. Craig Mello, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2006 and Zhou Qifeng, current president of Peking University. Among more than 3000 universities of U.S., UMASS ranks 78.