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ZJSU Students Went on an Exchange Program to Kadir has University in Turkey

According to the cultural agreement between ZJSU and Kadir has University, Turkey, twenty-one students from ZJSU paid a fortnight’s visit from July 18 to August 1 to Kadir has University at their invitation for SEPP program, which achieved a great success.
During the visit, Kadir has University organized various kinds of activities such as reports concerning Turkey’s economy, politics, diplomacy, history, etc., communications with local students, local sightseeing and so on. The exchange gave our students a better understanding about Turkey and also enhanced the friendship between our university and Kadir has University as well as the friendship between students of the two countries.
ZJSU established interscholastic cooperation ties with Kadir has University in 2008, agreeing to cooperate with each other in such fields as education cooperation, SEPP/SCPP program, students exchange, etc. Kadir has University sent their students to our university in September 2009 and September 2010 respectively for three-week SEPP programs, which were well-received among students. Through exchange programs, the two universities enhanced understanding and promoted friendship.  Kadir has University is going to sent the third group of students to visit our university in mid-September 2011.