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Visa & Residence Permit Passport, Visa and Residence Permit 1. International students holding “X” visas please get Foreigners’ Residence Permit from Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau within 30 days of entry into China. 2. Students who want to continue their studies in Hangzhou after the expiration of their visas or Foreigners’ Residence Permits, please go to Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau for the extension 5 days before the expiration date with documents provided by International College. 3. If any changes take place with the residence information such as the reason of residence, the number of the passport, addition or cancellation of accompanying persons,etc, students holding Residence Permit should go to Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to go through related procedure within 10 days of the changes. 4. If students holding Residence Permit leave for other cities to study, they shall go to Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to make a relocation registration before their departure or make the same registration with the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau within 10 days of arrival in their new residence place. 5. International students holding Foreigners’ Residence Permit are entitled to multi-entry and exit within the period of its validity. Re-entry visa is not required in this case. 6. International students are expected to keep their passports safe and cooperate for possible examination by Chinese police. 7. In case of the loss of their passports, students must immediately report to the community police substation and the International College. Next, they shall, with the Case Acceptance Receipt given by the community police substation, go to Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to get the Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport, with which to apply for a new passport from their Embassies or Consulates General in China. Once they get the new passports, they must go to Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for new visa or residence permit with introduction letters issued by the International College. Documents necessary for Residence Permit In order to apply for the Residence Permit for Foreign Students, the following documents are needed: 1). An official letter from the International College, “Admission Notice”, JW202 Form or JW201 Form; 2). A valid passport and visa (copy included); 3). Registration receipt of temporary lodging from hotel or local police station (copy included); 4). A recently taken 2-inch full-face color photo with WHITE BACKGROUND; 5). New students of degree program or people who apply for the first time for residence permit longer than one year should submit Certificate for Health by the Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (applicants under 18 are exempt); 6). Visa or Residence Permit Application Form; 7). Other documents if necessary. Time Required: 5 working days Addresses: Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau No. 35 Huaguang Road Tel: 87280561, 87280539 Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Zhejiang International Tourism Health Care Center) No. 17 Laozheda Zhi Road Tel: 8785 2410 Health Check Time: 8 am to 10:30 am from Monday to Friday Related Expenses Students should pay their own expenses on applying for visa and Foreigners’ Residence Permit. Note: Students should pay special attention to the period of validity of their Foreigners’ Residence Permits or visas in order to avoid illegal extended residence. Fine and other possible legal consequences due to illegally extended residence shall be paid by the students. Attention!! RULES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LAW OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ON CONTROL OF THE ENTRY AND EXIT OF ALIENS (EXCERPTS) Foreigners who stay in China illegally, or who violate the stipulations concerning residential administration may be given a warning, or punished with a fine of 500 yuan per day for the period of his/her illegal stay in China with the total sum of fine not exceeding 5000 yuan, or be held in detention for 3 or 10 days; if the case is serious, the offender shall be ordered concurrently to leave the country within a specified period of time.