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Campus Network and TV Station

The construction of campus network began in 1997. After several times of capacity expanding and upgrading, it is able to cover the three campuses of Zhaohui, Pingfeng and Zhijiang. The whole network is set up by adopting 10000/1000M broad band Ethernet technology with the access connected to China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and via two Cisco6509 switches. At present, it provides free services such as WEB, DNS, EMAIL, etc. for teachers and a serial of value-added services including server co-location, virtual hosting, VPN, online virus check, gateway shield. Besides, some applied functions such as unofficial campus website, VOD system, digital library and distance education system are becoming increasingly welcomed. It has developed into a multifunctional platform for teaching, research and management of the university.

ZJUT TV station was set up in 1996. Currently, there are more than 30 full-time teachers and students working in it and student reporters are recruited from all colleges. Two studios, over 10 broadcasting & professional videos machines, 6 sets of traditional video editing machines, 1 set of non-linear editing system and 1 set of broadcasting system help promote it to the standard of a professional TV station. As an important popularization tool, the station is not only a window for exhibiting campus culture, but also a base for developing students’ practical and innovative abilities.