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Why Study in Changsha Medical University

Located in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, Changsha Medical University is China's first non-governmental medical university for undergraduates,was founded by the famous educator Binsheng He in 1989. It is situated in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province and was upgraded to a medical university for undergraduates in 2005 by Ministry of Education. CSMU is under the jurisdiction of Hunan People's Government and the professional guidance of the Department of Public Health of the government. CSMU is listed in WHO's World Directory of Medical Schools and is welcoming students from all over the world since 2009.

Changsha Campus
Changsha Campus is located in Changsha, capital city of Hunan and has an area of over 1260 mu (84 hectares), with general assets of 2.3 billion Yuan (RMB). The floorage covers 565 thousand square meters.

Hengyang Campus
Hengyang campus is located in Hengyang City, in the western suburbs, close to the scenic West Lake Park and Shek Kwu Park. Campus has an area of 200 mu, building area of 30,000 square meters, more than 40 million Yuan worth of teaching facilities

CSMU has an area of over 1260 mu (84 hectares). The floorage covers 633 thousand square meters. CSMU has more than 1100 teachers, of which 439 are with associate or full professor’s academic titles and 6 are from USA, UK and Netherlands. CSMU has one constructing program of provincial level key discipline, one demonstration laboratory at the provincial level, 2 key specialties at the provincial level, 2 provincial level excellent courses and 4 qualified laboratories for foundation courses at the provincial level. CSMU was granted as a supporting institution for National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation projects in 2008.

Affiliated Hospitals
CSMU has extensive clinical teaching equipment and full sets of basic facilities. It has 8 affiliated general hospitals, 8 teaching hospitals, 81 training hospitals and including 1 Grade III-A and 4 Grade II-A polyclinics with 2500 beds. More than 60 million Yuan (RMB) has been invested in modern teaching facilities, which ensure that all the basic experiments the medical teaching requires can be conducted effectively. Multi-media are available for almost all specialties.

The library has 1470000 books and periodicals, with electronic reading rooms. A special reading room is well equipped for the international students, so that they can read original English newspapers, books and periodicals. The library provides an excellent study atmosphere for students.

A state of the art laboratory equipped with all the medical instruments and hundreds of cadavers provide a rare opportunity for the students to learn and experiment.

Classrooms are equipped with multimedia. Teachers for international students are highly qualified professors.

Muslim Food
Halal Food is available. Students can choose to take their Halal meals at the canteen. For international and local students, breakfast, lunch, supper and all kinds of snacks are available at very reasonable cost.