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Culture lecture: Taoism and its practical significance to the ways of

December 12, 2011 in the afternoon, the famous Taoist thought, Confucian classics research experts, Beijing university doctoral tutor ZhangGuangBao professor invited to come to our school to give lectures and in front of lake campus humanities classroom building B230 gave a titled "the way of the Taoist theory and its practical significance" academic report.

Professor zhang from huntington's "clash of civilizations" to speak about this book. Huntington's think, after the cold war, the world the fundamental root of conflict is not ideology, but the cultural difference, dominate the global will be "clash of civilizations". In the book, the Chinese civilization huntington summarized as Confucian civilizations. Professor zhang think this judgement is erroneous zone. Professor zhang, was that China is a civilization that Confucianism, Buddhism complementary mutual harmony, three yuan one of the structure of a civilization, and not a single civilization. Professor zhang think, Islam and Christianity, as monotheism, is a kind of divine civilization. Chinese civilization and have the intrinsic transcendence, is the unity of the divine and human nature.