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1. Registration fee: ¥800

2. Tuition (RMB/academic year)


Student Category

Medicine/Performing Arts/Physical Education
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctor’s degree
Chinese training

Summer Chinese
School(1 month)


3. Books: ¥240~700 per semester
4. Accommodation:¥400 -1000 per month (depending on actual situation)
5. Meal: ¥300~600 per month
6. Insurance: International students who study longer than 1 semester must buy medical insurance. The insurance should include accidental and major medical coverage. China People’s Insurance Company provides comprehensive insurance plans that provide group, accidental and medical insurance coverage for foreign
students studying in China. The insurance plan costs ¥200/year.
Note: ① The tuition and fees may change slightly each year
         ② Nanchang University may adjust the tuition fee under related regulations