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The university of Florida in literature the dean Patrick d. Murphy to visit our school professor etc

2011 December 15, afternoon, in the United States at the university of Florida Patrick Murphy of Literature (Patrick d. Murphy) professor in nanchang university foreign building room 201 foreign language college teachers and students for a titled Procession of Identity and Ecology in Contemporary Literature (modern Literature in Identity and ecological process) lectures. By JiangPing lecture professor host, YuanPingHua professor, professor WangLiJuan such as part of college teachers and other colleges and universities teachers' representative and nearly people listen to the graduate this lecture.

Patrick murphy professor is the study of the ecological criticism one of the important representatives, ecological literature peer-reviewed journal literature and environmental interdisciplinary research "(ISLE) founder. Murphy's rich professor works in recent years, published a number of ecological criticism theory monographs, editor or joint editor of ten ecological criticism of the project of papers and ecological literature collection. Since the early 90 s, murphy has been devoted to the research professor ecological criticism and ecological criticism in the international development and promotion, in new international ecological influence.