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25 foreign students pay tribute to their teachers and sing the quintessence of Chinese opera

On the morning of June 6, 25, respectively, from Pakistan, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, India, Indonesia, uzbekistan and yemen invited more than 10 countries, such as students in wuhan university of science and technology had a unique to China's art education center of Peking Opera courses, costumes, strut walks, singing coloratura, brilliant varied experience after class, students are full of praise.
"Liuyang river", "sing night fishing boat", "butterfly lovers" Chinese classic folk music after another, the art education center Zhu Mei brahman, wen-jing dong, xiaotang wang, Wei Qing etc. Several teachers for students with their performances have opened the door of Chinese classical music. With the guqin, guzheng, dulcimer, recitation, folk songs, strength and other performance form, the atmosphere is heating up, students can't help but marvel, for each program with warm applause. Hubei Peking Opera artists, national first-level actor lan-ping li teacher with a highly representative Peking Opera plays "selling water" a perfect full stop for demonstrations, left a infinite daydream in students mind.

Foreign students to the stage of teachers and freely said incredible performance, team came to protect themselves, they follow the Peking Opera artists word, a lesson on the Chinese opera experience.