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why study in Wuhan University of Technology

Largest city in Central China

Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) is located in Wuhan, the largest city in Central China and a famous Chinese “River City”.

State 211 and 985 Project
WUT is one of the leading Chinese universities under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education and one of the universities constructed in priority by the “State 211 Project” for Chinese higher education institutions; its Material Science and Engineering entered the “State 985 Project” for world excellent disciplines. WUT ranked 49 according to Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2014 Top 100 and ranked 351-400 according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015.

Over 1,000 international students's destination
Currently, WUT has held open global recruitment of 7 foreign famous professors to be its “Strategic Scientists” in the area of Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering. The University owns 23 academic schools, 8 state key disciplines, 74 Doctoral programs, 188 Master's programs as well as 87 Bachelor's programs. Besides, over 37,300 undergraduates, 16000 postgraduates (including Master and PhD students), and over 1,000 international students are studying at WUT.

Covering 220 large backbone enterprises
WUT has formed three important Boards of Directors with the industrial sectors of building materials and construction industry, transportation industry and automobile industry, totally covering 220 large backbone enterprises. The Boards of Directors hold annual meetings regularly to discuss the important issues concerning the mutual development between the university and the three industrial sectors.

Cooperative relations has established for students exchange and scientific research
Meanwhile, WUT has established cooperative relations for students exchange and scientific research with more than 100 foreign universities and research institutions from USA, UK, Japan, France, Australia, Russia and the Netherlands, etc. and invited over 300 international famous scholars to be guest professors or honorary professors.

“Take the students cultivation as our essence, and take academic development as our priority”  
Inheriting the history and culture of the former three universities, WUT insists on the guiding principle of “take the students cultivation as our essence, and take academic development as our priority”, while with the practice of over 60 years in student’s education, WUT has forged the spirit of the university as “Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Pursuing Excellence”. It has become the lofty ideal and core value of WUT to build an excellent university that provides an excellent education to lead our students to a fulfilled life with wisdom and responsibility, winning worldwide recognition and admiration.