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Why Study in Hebei University

Hebei university in our province is the only by the people's government of hebei province and the ministry of education of the joint construction of comprehensive university, "in national higher education plays an important role in the layout and special area status", "in the higher education in hebei province improve educational level and the school benefit play the leading and demonstration".

The school formerly French jesuits founded the tianjin university of commerce and industry, followed by tianjin industry and commerce college, after JinGu university, tianjin normal university, tianjin normal university and so on several period since 1960, reconstruction of comprehensive university and the naming of the hebei university, 1970 by tianjin moved to national historical and cultural city-baoding.

On century, school enjoy "HuangHuang institution at the north, wei industry and commerce alone says respects" reputation. In the s, successfully developed the our country the first electronic computer simulation and 4 million volt electrostatic accelerator. HouRenZhi, WuYuRu, with regard MaFeng for many famous scholars, had taught in school. Elder proletarian revolutionist yao in forest, the international famous physicist YuanGuLiu, chief designer of the great hall of the people of all passages is an outstanding representative of hebei university students.

Since the reform and opening up, the school sized up the situation, deepen reform, school space, comprehensive strength, the personnel training quality, social service ability to continuously improve. In 1981, the first one of the award for a master's degree; 1984 in hebei province develop first doctoral tutor, founded the first doctor's degree authorization center in hebei province; In 1996 the first introduced in our member of; In 1999 the first training in hebei province academician of the Chinese academy of sciences......

Since the century, school conscientiously implement the provincial party committee and government of higher education on speeding up the development, the construction of "the domestic first-class university" decision, to grab the opportunity, struggling to leap to the. In 2001, took the lead in the hebei university new campus construction start, greatly expand the school running space. That same year, creating the first independent institute in hebei province-hebei university business school. In 2005, workers in hebei province and its affiliated hospital merged into hebei medical university, further enrich the school discipline class, effectively enhance the comprehensive strength of the school.