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Drinking around CCNU

Drinking around CCNU

It would be considered a sin to visit this city and not taste some of its finest nectars. Included in this list is Jingjiu (a healthy alternative to regular wines), Baijiu. If you would like to taste something slightly more low key, there is a local micro-brew called Singo (Xingyinge), that will be the beginning of every good night, at just ¥1.5 per bottle. VOX live house, Luxiang, Lumo lu(鲁磨路), The most popular bar in Wuhan for non-Chinese, VOX is a small bar which regularly has shows on the weekend playing host to underground Chinese acts ranging from rock/punk/indie/experimental. Has a DJ after shows playing electro, indie-dance-rock among other things. Beers start at ¥5.

 Wuhan Prison, Next to the BBQs and Vox on Lumo Lu(鲁磨路). A dirty frenzy free for all anything goes dive bar. They have absinthe. Good luck getting out of there sober. Grammy International, Just south of Luxiang on Minzu Dadao (民族大道), One of Wuhan's International Clubs, playing Rn'B, Hip-Hop, Rap...

Topone Bar, On the north end of Luoshi Lu(珞狮路) close to Wuhan University (武汉大学). Chinese style 'club', lots of tables, live entertainment and not a lot of dance floor. Beers start at about ¥30.

Queens Bar, Luoshi Road(珞狮路). Nextdoor to Topone. Lots of tables, a dance floor which bounces up and down, dancers. Modern interior. Beers start at about ¥30.

Box, If you stand facing Chongwen book city on Xiongchu Dadao(雄楚大道)this bar is down the small road to the left. Small bar and difficult to find. They probably don't get many travellers in here. Go and surprise them. I think its cheap.