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Campus Facilities

There are altogether 7 canteens for students. East 1, East 2, Xuezi and Qinyuanchun are located in the east of the main campus, Guixiangyuan, Boyayuan are in the west, and South Lake Canteen on South Lake Campus. Students may have meals in any students’ canteen with the smart card and are expected to maintain the order of the canteens, help to keep the places clean and tidy, take care of the facilities and tableware, and show respect to the working staff. The tableware in our canteens is all strictly sterilized.
Campus supermarkets
There are four small supermarkets, namely Xuezi and Qinyuanchun in the East District, Qinyuanchun in the West and South Lake on South Lake Campus, where a complete list of groceries with stationeries and daily necessities available. 
We have hospitals both on the main campus and the South Lake Campus, which can treat all the common diseases. You can also go to General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of PLA not far form our university or Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital, the best ones in the south central China for more serious illness.
There are two savings offices of the Industrial and Commercial Bank on the main Campus, one beneath the Tian Jiabing Building, the other beside Boyayuan supermarket.  Besides, you can also find ATMs of the Industrial and Commercial Bank, the Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank and China Postal Savings Bank at hand for your convenience. 
Post Office
In the post office located beside the west gate, you can send and pick up home or abroad correspondences and packages and remit and receive remittances. Remember to bring your ID card with you when receiving remittances and packages.

At present all our dormitories are equipped with 201 telephones, and every 200 meters on campus stands a telephone booth, all of which are 201 or IC card telephones. Telephone cards are available in the post offices and small shops around the campus.