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Snow and Helen snow, BBS "held in CCNU

Snow and Helen snow, is the 1930 s active in China famous American journalist. They eagerly reported the Chinese people against the Japanese invaders, the propaganda just struggle to the leadership of the Chinese communist party the eighth route and new fourth armies of the war of resistance in the performance.

President Hu Jintao has deep feeling ground to say: we sincerely appreciate the support for the war of resistance, "international friends won't forget real reports and promote China's foreign reporters" resistance performance. (in the war of resistance and struggle against fascism victory 60 anniversary conference speech ") snow visits in 1936, wrote the northern Shaanxi security report literature were fighting the "(English name red star over China"), Helen, snow visits in 1937, wrote the "Northern Shaanxi Yenan were fighting for" (English name "the insider"), red China to the world Chinese people in China reported under the leadership of the communist party of the great war of resistance against Japan, tough for the Chinese people's struggle for a wide range of domestic and support. They have broken the Kuomintang government 10 years to understand the western world blockade, the real situations of the communist party of China. Especially the were fighting published in England, 1937, when volumes to release. Since then the book popular global, popular world, effectively support the Chinese Anti-Japanese War.

After new China was founded, snow three times to China, Helen snow, two times to visit China. They disregard the oldest, dusty hike to run to the earth in China to Chinese revolution and socialist construction real, objective and enthusiastic reports, their life is to promote the friendship between China and the United States and the people's life, is the contribution of the 20 th century people's symbol of friendship between China and the United States and the bridge of forever. The Chinese people will never forget them.