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Courses for International Students

1. Chinese Language Training for students who want to study for Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or doctorate degree.
GUET offers flexible modules of Chinese training courses for those students who want to study for degrees in GUET. Many students from Viet Nam or Korea usually take one year or a few months Chinese language training, and then successfully enter into the study for degrees.
2. Special Modules for HSK 
GUET also offers some long-term or short-term courses for students interested in learning Chinese language. Guilin, with its two thousand-year history and unique landscape, could be the first choice for students seeking a good, congenial environment to learn the Chinese language. Many students from Europe or Russia have enjoyed their stay in Guilin and they left GUET with warm and pleasant memories together with their HSK certificate.
3.Tour Study and Study Tour
With warm and open arms, GUET welcomes scholars and students from all over the world to have a short stay at the university. You may live in the overseas students' apartments inside of the campus with fellow overseas students, and enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas, research cooperatively, or experience wonderful sightseeing.