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Introduction to the Guilin University of Electronics Technology (GUET)

The Guilin University of Electronics Technology (GUET) is located in the beautiful heartland of Guangxi Province in south central China. A mere two hour plane flight from Shanghai, Guilin offers an astonishing landscape that has been depicted in artwork and poetry for more than 2000 years. Steep walled limestone karst formations rise above the Li River (Li Jiang), and visitors from all over the world flock here every year to witness that splendor and mystery of the scenery, from Guilin to nearby Yangshuo. While Guilin‘s history can be traced back 10,000 years, it became a part of China during the Qin Dynasty period in 216 BC. Remnants of this long history are still visible here. The climate is sub-tropical, so the summers are dry and hot and the winters are mild.

school buildingLiving here in Guilin is easy, and much of China‘s long cultural past can still be experienced. Covering nearly 28,000 square kilometers, Guilin City and all of its surrounding communities comprise a population of nearly five million people, including Han Chinese and many of China‘s minority groups such as the Zhuang, Yao, Dong, Miao, Hui, Mulao and Maonan. Unlike Shanghai and Guangzhou where rapid development creates a pace of life that is hurried, Guilin offers a relaxed pace and many leisure activities. There are an abundance of parks both in the city and outside the city, where one may take a leisurely stroll or climb a peak for striking vistas. There are caves to be enjoyed, and if you like the water, boating and swimming are also available. Guilin offers art shops and museums, and the several walking streets offer a wealth of shopping and dining opportunities. By night the rivers and lakes are lit up in colored lights, and one may stroll along and enjoy the fresh evening air and the many sights that are available. You may learn more about Guilin in our section that introduces the city, its culture and history. Suffice to say that as a student or faculty member living here, one will never run out of things to do and enjoy when not engaged in study.

Campus and Students
The GUET university is comprised of four campuses. On the east side of Guilin City, there is the original West Campus, the newer East Campus that is lush with gardens and offers vistas over the Li Jiang and the abundant limestone karst formations that are characteristic of the Guilin scenery. The newest Yaoshan Campus was recently constructed about 20 kilometers east of the city in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and farmlands that have been under cultivation for thousands of years. A fourth campus of the university is located in the seaside city of Beihai at the southern tip of Guangxi, a city of palm trees and beaches and abundant seafood.

Currently there are over 26,000 full-time students in attendance at the four campuses, more than 300 of which have come to study from overseas. While the primary discipline of the university is Electronic Information Technology, students can find a full range of study programs offered, such as Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, Literature, Arts, Law, and Education. In fact, the university has 18 distinct schools and departments offering 45 undergraduate programs, 34 post-graduate programs, and 8 state-funded programs. Both full-time and part-time students are able to receive diplomas that range from two-year education certificates to Bachelor‘s Degrees, Master‘s Degrees and Doctorate Degrees.

History and Schools
As you may read in the history summary of the university, GUET holds an international reputation for teaching and research excellence. The university maintains extensive cooperation with universities in many other countries, not only in the pursuit of science and technology exchange, but also for operating exchange programs in which Chinese students may study overseas and overseas students may study at GUET. Great importance is also focused to the introduction of foreign scholars and teachers at GUET, and every year, 20 to 30 teaching posts are offered to foreign professors. The university maintains an extensive and up to date library. Likewise, for students engaged in technology fields of study, there are extensive state of the art laboratories available for their design and experimental projects.

The colleges in operation at GUET now include the following:school building

College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
College of Information & Communications
College of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Art and Design
College of Business
College of Foreign Studies
College of Mathematics & Computing Science
College of Electronic Engineering and Automation
College of Public Affairs Management
College of Law
College of Material Science & Engineering
College of Applied Science and Technology
College of International Exchange
College of Life and Enviroment Science
College of Life-long Learning
College of Vocational Training
College of Information and Technology
Department of Teaching and Practing

GUET is one of four universities in China with the words "Electronic Technology" in its name. It is thus well recognized in the country, and operated under the auspices of the Ministry of the Information Industry of the People‘s Republic of China, it is one of the top five universities in Guangxi Province.

Mission Statement: As prescribed by Ex-President of China, Mr. Jiang Zemin, who visited the school in November of 1990, the mission of the university is to “Train more qualified talent for the electronics industry.”

Vision Statement: Guilin University of Electronics Technology is a state university with Information Technology as its main discipline, and shall explore and instill knowledge in areas of electronics science and technology.

International cooperation
As mentioned, GUET maintains long standing cooperation and exchange agreements with universities around the world, and thus offers extensive programs in Chinese language study to overseas students. Students who come here for their Chinese language study of course have abundant opportunities to practice every day with fellow students, faculty and with the local people in the city. Additionally, for those overseas students who want to obtain certification in Chinese language, GUET offers the HSK preparation and exam.

Overseas students who come to GUET for study, whether it is for six months or for two years, experience a colorful life both on campus and off. There is ample opportunity to engage in a “入乡随俗” (rù xiāng suí sú) lifestyle, which means “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” One can participate in various cultural activities, including the ever popular Mid-Autumn Festival with its moon cakes, and the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) with its fireworks and celebration of the coming spring months. One can sample foods that originated in the various regions of China and in fact will never be able to sample them all. Perhaps more importantly, you will make lifelong friends here, and when you go back to your home country, you will carry with you an open heart and a rich understanding of this fascinating culture.