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Accommodation of LDU

Living Conditions and Equipments

Ludong university enjoys a beautiful scenery near hills, an A-class fresh atmosphere with advanced facilities and convenient transportation (about 3 kilometers away from the downtown area, 4 kilometers from the seaport and railway station, 15 kilometers from the airport). A reception center, integrated with teaching building, canteen building, International Apartments and Sports facilities, is specially designed for international students, who can enjoy wonderful lectures, delicious food with low price of about RMB 10-20 per day), comfortable accommodations and sport activities there.

Accommodation fee

International students apartments



Southern room (sunside)

RMB 55/day

RMB 35/day/person

Northern room (opposite to sun)

RMB 50/day

RMB 30/day/person

Central air condition, closed-circuit TV with international channels, Refrigerator, telephone and toilet with shower are equipped in every apartment, and washing room in each floor of the building.

International students can also live off campus after going through some necessary procedures. The rent for a 90-square-meter-apartment with simple facilities and appliances is about RMB 1200-1500per month.

Meals:RMB 20-40 /day on campus


Dormitory (Single Room) Picture


Washing Room.