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Fee Structures

Teaching materials: you need to pay for your textbooks, 200-300 RMB/person/semester (depending on the teaching materials in different classes)
Housing: Guarantee deposit: 300 RMB/person (after your checking out, the guarantee deposit will return to you)

Room Types

Room facing South

Room facing North

single room

55 RMB/person/day

50 RMB/person/day

double room

35 RMB/person/day

30 RMB/person/day

Meals: 25-40 RMB/day on campus

Internet access: 40 RMB/person/month, 400 RMB/person/year on campus
Insurance: All international students must purchase insurance, 400 RMB/person/ half a year, 800 RMB/person/year
Medical test: All international students must be made medical test in International Travel Healthcare Center , 610 RMB/person
Certificate: The students who possess the category of X1 Visa must apply to Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Yantai Public Security Bureau for residence certificate within 30 days after entry, 430 RMB/person/year