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College of Life Science

College of Life Sciences of SZU was formally established in 2002 based on the old Department of Biological Engineering in the Institute of Science and Technology. The college offers 2 undergraduate programs -- Bioscience and Biotechnology, and 3 M.S. programs -- Cytobiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Botany.
There are 10 Professors, 20 Associate Professors in this college, among whom one is the academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and 4 are Ph.D supervisors.
The school owns Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Microbiology Gene Engineering and Institute of Eco-environmental Science Shenzhen University.
Research groups
Algal-bacterial Biotechnology and Water Environmental Biology
Plant Stress Biology
Structure and Function of Chromosome and Cellulases Research
Magnetic Biology
Chemistry Biology  
Undergraduate Programs: 
1.  Bioscience  
2.  Biotechnology 
Graduate Programs:
1.  Cell Biology

The program started in 2000. The main research directions include: Structure and Function of Chromosome and Cellulases Research,Magnetic Biology,Bio-synthetic and secondary metabolites production.
2.  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
This program was set up in 2003. The main research directions include: Genetic Engineering of Transgenic Plants, Biochemistry and molecular biology, Microorganism biochemistry and molecular biology, Chemistry biology.
3.  Plant Biology
This program was set up in 2006. The main research directions include: Algal-bacterial Biotechnology and Water Environmental Biology, Plant Stress Biology, Plant development biology .

1. Research group on Algal-bacterial Biotechnology and Water Environmental Biology
Principal Investigator:Prof./Dr. HU Zhang-li
Chief members:Prof. Wu Yu-he, Prof./Dr. DENG Xu, Dr. LI Shuang-fei, Mr. HAN Qing-guo, Dr. LEI An-ping, Mr. WANG Chao-gang, Miss WU Jing-xia.
Research Interest
1.Molecular biology of microalgae
2.Microalgae and the water environment
3.Application research of bioreactor
4.Ecology risk and food safety assessments of transgenic organizations
5.Environmental Pollution, Environmental Control, Wastewater Treatment
6.Enzymatic Engineering, Fermentation Technology
2. Research group of Plant Stress Biology
Principal Investigator:Prof./Dr. ZHENG Yi-zhi
Group members:
Dr. MO Bei-Xin (Professor)
Dr. TANG Yu-Lin (Associate Professor)
Dr. JIANG Nian-Qiong (Associate Professor)
Dr. LIU Yun  (Lecturer)
Dr. ZOU Yong-Dong  (Lecturer)
Dr. HUANG Jian-Zi  (Lecturer)
Our research topics include:
1. Cloning of genes against drought and high salinity and identification of their protective functions
2. Structure and functions of stress-related proteins from plants
3. Creation of anti-stress transgenic plant
3. Research Group of Structure & Function of Chromosome and Cellulases
PI: Xing Miao (Professor)
Group Members:
Liu Gang (Professor)
Yu Shao-Wen (Associate Professor)
Liu Shi-De (Associate Professor)
Tian Sheng-Li (Associate Professor)
Liu Sen-Lin (Associate Professor)
Zhang Yong-Xia (Associate Professor)
Wang Juan (Assistant Professor)
Zhang Jian-Hua (Lecturer)
Research Interests: our research interests include screening of high-yield acidic and alkaline cellulase-producing strains, efficient expression of cellulase gene in Pichia pastoris or Bacillus subtilis, construction of Trichoderma reesei expression system, recombinant expression and applications of activity enhancing factors for cellulase.
4. Research Group of Magnetic Biology
PI: Zhang Xiao-yun (Professor)
Group Members:
Wang Xiao-mei (Professor)
Song Guo-li (Associate Professor)
Su Xiang-e (Associate Professor)
Nie Xiao-Yun (Senior Lab Scientist)
Zhang Yu (Lecturer)
Research Interests: Combining Chinese traditional medical science and modern cell and molecular biology method, the magnetic biology group focus on the multi-disciplinary research in the magnetic biology.
5.  The Research Group of Chemical Biology
PI: Ni Jiazuan (professor, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Liu Qiong (Ph.D., professor)
Yang Zhen (Ph.D., associate professor)
Wang Yong (Ph.D., associate professor)
Shen Li-Ming (Postdoctoral research associate)
Tian Jing (Postdoctoral research associate)
Jiang Liang (Ph.D. student)
Research Interests: The major focus of this research group is on the study of metalloproteins and metalloenzymes (mainly selenoproteins) with key functions in vivo and potential applications in medicine. The current research includes: prediction of metalloproteins from genomes via bioinformatics; expression, purification, and structure-functional study of metalloproteins; methodological study of ELISA, mass spectrometry, and neutron activation analysis for detection of metalloproteins; investigation on metalloprotein-protein interaction; proteomics study of cancer cells affected by selenium and rare earth elements. Our research is aimed at providing fundamental data for discovering new anticancer/antibacterial proteins and/or peptides from marine organisms and other species.