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One of China`s Best Universities-- Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University ( SZU ) is a full-time comprehensive university accredited by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. SZU was founded in 1983 and undertook its first enrollment the very same year at what Deng Xiaoping called "Shenzhen Speed".

SZU now has 23 colleges, providing 56 undergraduate programs, 72 Master programs and 3 doctorate programs. It has 7 key science and engineering laboratories and 4 humanities and social sciences research centers. Shenzhen University has presently established intercollegiate cooperative relations with more than 30 oversea universities like Queen’s University (UK), University of Memphis (USA), Ritsumeikan University (Japan) , Hankook University of Foreign Studies (Korea) and so on.

The university faculty is noted for its high qualifications, multi-academic background and innovative spirit. It is comprised of 1,221 teachers and researchers; 253 professors, 568 associate professors, of which 464 have doctorate degrees. It has one academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, six academicians in both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 44 supervisors of doctoral candidates.
SZU library proudly holds a collection of roughly 3.16 million items, comprising 2.12 million journals and books and 1.04 million e-books in Chinese and foreign languages. In addition, some 40,000 full-text e-journals, 189 academic CD-ROM databases as well as online databases are accessible via PC and Internet retrieval terminals. The campus boasts 30,000 Internet connections and 99% of its classrooms and lecture halls have been digitalized.

As well as an impressive teaching faculty, the university now boasts some of the brightest students, distinguished alumni which now form a global network. The on-campus student body is 20,000 strong and an additional 18,000 off-campus students are engaged in continuing education. There are 920 international students from over 40 countries sharing the SZU experience.

If you’re going to compare China’s economic development to Shenzhen speed, then Shenzhen University is proof of how fast it has become one of China’s best universities. People interested in doing business in China must consider this university. This is the only university in China that has a Golf management course.

The Wen Shan Lake in Campus.