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Law School

SZU Law School commits itself to cultivating comprehensively all-round and practical legal professionals equipped with both solid basic theories in law and in–depth professional knowledge in civil law, international economic law and laws of main west countries, who can be devoted to the construction of law, legislation, judicature, legal service and the education and research of law. The school also offers the program of social work with which the same degree of law is offered.

Our academic departments offer students common courses and basic courses in their first three terms regardless of specialty. From the fourth term, students’ specialties will be decided according to their wishes and the requirements of certain specialty. 
Undergraduate Programs:
I. Law Studies

  1.  Civil Law
  2.  International Economic Law
  3.  Laws of Main Western Countries

Foundamental Courses:

Basic Legal Theories, Constitutional Jurisprudence, Legal Historiography, Civil Jurisprudence, Criminal Jurisprudence, Administrative Jurisprudence, Administrative Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedural Law, Public International Law, Criminal Procedural Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law.
Elective Courses:
Laws and Legal System in Hong Kong, Legal English, Legal Writing, Special Topics of Basic Legal Theories, Labor Law, Science of Marriage and Family Law, Tax Law, Maritime law, Arbitration Law, Legal Economics, Cases of International Law, International Economic Organizations Law, International Investment Law, International Trade Law, Law of Financial and Negotiable Securities, Science of Criminal Investigation, Forensic Medicine, Public Security Criminal Regulation, etc.
Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Law
II. Social Work
Compulsory Courses:
Conspectus of Sociology, Conspectus of Social work, Theories of Sociology, Social Psychology, Mental Consultation and Cure, Social Policy, Methods of Social Investigation, Social Welfare and Social Security, Marriage and Family, Social Problems, Civil Jurisprudence, Criminal Jurisprudence Economic Law, Administrative Jurisprudence, Administrative Procedural Law
Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Law                                          
Research Institute: Institute of Hong Kong Law
Due to the resumption of the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong by the Chinese Government, research on Hong Kong law and promotion of understanding of Hong Kong law became in great need. In January 1998, Shenzhen University was accredited the research institute of Hong Kong law by Shenzhen Municipal Government. The staff includes three Law School  teachers.
In the past 40 years, the institute has been stressing on education and research of Hong Kong law despite lack of hands and funds. Shenzhen University is not only the first research institute of Hong Kong law in the institutions of higher education in China, but also the earliest institute which can confer circulation in Hong Kong law.