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College of International Exchange

Educational Ideas and Characteristics

With the strategy of strengthening the university by elevating its research level, SZU’s capacity of undertaking more high level scientific research projects has been increasing each year. SZU gets the highest average volume of funding and governmental financial support for teaching and research faculty among all the Chinese mainland universities. And it has a great value of fixed research assets and facilities, including super computers and High Resolution TEM. SZU has set up five ministry-level and provincial level key laboratories and humanities and social sciences key research centers and another five Shenzhen key laboratories.

Shenzhen University boasts a branch of teaching and research disciplines with remarkable characteristics and advantages by keeping close contact with the frontier subject areas and adapting these disciplines to the social and economic development of Shenzhen Economic Zone and world wide educational, scientific, cultural and economic globalization.

Three dominant features characterize SZU graduates: students’ impressive foreign language proficiency, IT knowledge and computer operating skills as well as adaptation and communication abilities. That makes SZU graduates popular and their employment rate has been above 98% for several consecutive years. Excellent graduate representatives are alumni like Ma Huateng, CEO of Shenzhen Tencent (QQ) Ltd., who has been awarded as one of the 25 “2004 World Most Influential Businessmen” by Times.

International Exchange

SZU strongly advocates international academic exchanges and cooperation relying on its geographical advantages. Up to now it has established cooperative relationship with over 50 foreign universities and colleges. Every year over 1000 teachers and students in SZU are involved in cooperative programs including international academic conferences, joint researches programs and student-exchange program with foreign universities on both long and short terms. Over 1000 overseas scholars and students come to SZU for the purpose of academic lectures, cultural exchanges and joint programs. World famous statesmen and scientists are awarded SZU honorary titles, including Mary McAleese, president of the Republic of Ireland, Toshiki Kaifu, the former Prime Minister of Japanese Cabinet, Yang Zhenning, Nobel laureate for physics, etc.