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College of Information Engineering

College of Information Engineering (SIE) of Shenzhen University was established in 1997. It was originated from Department of Electronic Engineering, which started to enroll students in 1983 when Shenzhen University was founded. Dr.Tong Shibai, a famous professor from Tsinghua University, was the first department head . The college keeps the teaching and learning style from Tsinghua, which focuses on scientism, preciseness, reality and hard-working. Firmly holding the correct teaching purpose and advanced teaching methods, SIE has gained great achievements in teaching, scientific research and student cultivation during the past twenty years.

International Cooperation

CIE has a good partnership with many famous overseas universities. About 10 excellent students from SIE will be sent to the MSc/PhD program of the University of Liverpool every year. Among the first group of students in year 1999, 7 of them have been awarded the PhD degree. The joint program of Electronic Engineering with the University of Central Lancashire(UCLAN), which has a history of 13 years, was highly accredited by the society.

The joint course with UCLAN was established in 1993. The collaboration takes the form of a 2 + 1 module whereby students study at SIE for the first two years and transfer to UCLAN for their final year of study. The collaborative program leads to the UCLAN's awards of BSc (Hons) Electronics and BSc (Hons) Computer.   The language of instruction and assessment is English. 

Undergraduate Programs: 
1.  Information Engineering and Electronics( leading IT majors of Guangdong province)
2.  Computer Science and Technology(leading IT majors of Guangdong province)
3.  Communication Engineering
4.  Software Engineering  
Graduate Programs:
Master's Programs

1.  Signal and Information Processing
2.  Communication and Information Systems
3.  Computer Application Technologies
4.  Biomedical Engineering
5.  Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
6.  Computer Software and Theory

PhD Program

Signal and Information Processing
Research Topics
1.  Signal and Information Processing(provincial sponsorship)
2.  Communication and Information System(provincial sponsorship)

Provincial Renowned Courses
1.  Analogue Circuit
2.  Foundation Computer Applications
3.  Advanced programming

ATR National Defense Research Center
1.  Intelligent Information Processing Research Center(provincial lab)
2.  Modern Communication Technology and Information Processing(city lab)
SIE has built up a sound foundation for research. Research areas includes: Electronics, Communications, Computer Science, Computer Software and Biomedical Engineering. All these areas are closely related to the economy development of Shenzhen.

Research Centers/Labs:
ATR National Defense Research Center
Intelligent Information Processing Research Center
Advanced Communication Technology and Information Processing Lab

Education/Test Centers:
Guangzhou English Language Center
Center of Continuing Education
Cambridge Business English (BEC) Test Center
Public English Testing System (PETS) Test Center
National Accreditation Examination for Translators and Interpreters (NAETI) Test Center