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College of Electronic Science and Technology

Collehe of Electronic Science and Technology was established in September 2006, which was originated from the Photoelectron Technology specialty of the Faculty of Applied Physics in College of Sciences, Shenzhen University in 1995.
College of Electronic Science and Technology of Shenzhen University offers two undergraduate programs: Electronic Science and Technology; Optical Information Science and Technology. Electronic Science and Technology program founded in 1995 is the brand IT major in Guangdong Province and it has two directions of Optoelectronics and Integrate Circuits. Optical Information Science and Technology founded in 2001 is a newly-rising major with great potential. Students in these programs are awarded Bachelor of Engineering upon their graduation.
There is one Post-doctorate Station and Doctorate Degree program in Optical Engineering, and two master's degree programs in Optics and Optical Engineering. Optical Engineering is the key subject and Optics is a supported key subject in Guangdong Province.
There are two key Laboratories in School of Electronic Science and Technology: Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Laser Engineering and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano Photonic Information Technology. Under the Central Laboratory for Electronic Science and Technology, there are Basic Electronic Technology Lab, Opto-Electronic Device Lab, Micro Electronic Technology Lab and Innovative Electronic Technology Lab.
At present, the college has about 600 undergraduates, 44 master and doctor candidates, and 3 post-doctors.
The college has a high-qualified faculty team, which is composed of 46 teachers, including 2 visiting academicians, 6 supervisors for doctorate candidates, 15 professors and 11 associate professors, among whom 2 committee members of Education Bureau, 1 "Hundred-Thousand-Ten" National Talents, 3 professors holding the title of "State Special Contribution Expert", 4 professors receiving a monthly special bonus from the State Council. 77% of the faculties hold doctorate degrees, and 39% of them have the experience of studying abroad.
Undergraduate Programs:
1.       Electronic Science and Technology
Main courses: Electronic Technology, C Language, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Quantum Mechanics, Semiconductor Physics, Optics, Principle of Lasers, Fourier Optics, Optical Communication Technology and Device, Basic Application of Optoelectronic Device, Photoelectric Measurement Technology, Digital Circuit Design and PLD Technology Application, Micro-Electronic Technology, Principle of Integrated Circuit crafts, Basic Design of Integrated Circuit, Professional Integrated Circuit Design, Integrated Circuit CAD.
2.       Optical Information Science and Technology
Main courses: Circuit Analysis, Digital Circuit, Analog Circuit, C Language Program Design, Principle of Microcomputer and Application, Digital Image Processing Technology, Optics, Semiconductor Physics, LASER Device and Application, LASER Application, Signals and Systems, Principle of Modern Communications, Optical Communications Technology and Device, Theory of Wave guiding Optics Device and Technology, Integrated Optics, Photoelectric Measurement Technology, Photoelectric Display Technology, Information Optics, Imaging Optics, Computer Networks Technology, Optical Computer Aided Design. 
Graduate Programs:
Ph.D Program

Optical Engineering
Research Direction: Optoelectronic Information Technology, LASER Technology and System, Photon Technology and Device, Optical Technology and Apparatus.
Master's Programs
1.  Optics

Research Direction: LASER Technology and LASER Device, Transient Information Optoelectronic Technology, Photon Crystal and Photon Device, Terahertz Technology, Integrated Photonics and Optical Communication Device.
2.  Optical Engineering

Research Direction: Optoelectronic Information Technology, LASER Technology and System, Photon Technology and Device, Optical Technology and Apparatus. 
Lots of exciting accomplishments have been achieved. The college has undertaken many national, provincial, municipal and industry scientific research projects, including high level projects such as the “863” project, the National Science Foundation, Guangdong National Science Foundation etc. Over the past three years, the total research funds of the school is 12.225 million CNY. 37 research projects are ongoing with a total funds of 9. 599 million CNY. Since five years ago, we have published more than 350 academic papers, among which 160 have been recorded by authority international index (SCI, EI, ISTP). Many of those papers have been published on the famous international journals, such as: Appl. Phys. Lett, Opt. Express, J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Science In China, Applied Physics B: Laser and Optics, J. Phys. B.
Dr. Xuping, Dean of the school, Professor
Dr. Gao Zhihui, Secretary of the school, Professor
Dr. Yu Jianhua, Deputy Dean of the school, Professor
Dr. Ouyang Zhengbiao, Deputy Dean of the school, Professor
Dr. Zhang Dengguo, Head of the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor
Gong Xiangdong, Head of the Department of Micro Electron, Professor, Master
Dr. Du Chenglin, Head of the Department of Optical Information Science and Technology, associate professors
Dr. Pan Feixi, Director of the Center for Teaching Experiment, Professor
An He'nan, General Director of the Ministry of Education, associate Professor, Bachelor
Dr. Sun Xiuquan, Professor
Li Jingzheng, Professor, Master
Dr. Du Geguo, Professor
Dr. Yan Peiguang, associate Professor
Dr. Liu Chengxiang, associate Professor
Dr. Liu Chunping, associate Professor
Dr. Su Hong, associate Professor
Dr. Li Lin, associate Professor
Dr. Wu Qingyang, associate Professor
Dr. Cao Jianming, Senior Engineer
Dr. Cao Jianzhang, associate Professor
Dr. Hui Bin, associate Professor
Chen Ruiliang, Senior Engineer, Bachelor
Dr. Ding Jinfei, Lecturer
Dr. Wang Bing, Lecturer
Dr. Chou Gaoxin, Lecturer
Dr. Lv Yali, Lecturer
Dr. Yang Jing, Lecturer
Dr. Zhang Xulin, Lecturer
Dr. Tao Keyu, Lecturer
Dr. Zhai Jianpang, Lecturer
Ai Yuexia, Lecturer, Master
Song Min, Lecturer, Master
Zhang Min, Lecturer, Master
Lin Jilin, Lecturer, Master
Geng Yangxia, Lecturer, Master
Yuan Xia, , Lecturer, Master
Hu Xuejuan, Assistant, Master
Guo Chunyu, Assistant, Master
Huang Haixuan, Assistant, Master
Wu Guocheng, Assistant, Bachelor
Gong Rui, Assistant, Bachelor