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College of Continuing Education

The College of Continuing Education is committed to adult education (awarding junior school diplomas and bachelor's degrees) and all kinds of part-time trainings. Located at No. 4008, Jiefang Road, the downtown area, the college covers a campus space of 6000 m2 and a construction space of 22,000 m2. Partly financed by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, it is an adult education institution with the largest number of adult students and the widest range of subjects in Shenzhen.
Keeping pace with the growing demand for adult education in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the college now has 80 multi-media classrooms, three audio-labs,five computer classrooms, one distance education classroom, one meeting room and two multi-media auditoriums. The School has 40 administrative staff members, of whom 11 have got advanced academic titles and 12 mid-level titles. Besides, there are more than 80 employees. Most of the teachers here are officially assigned by the university to teach in the school and the rest, on part-time basis, are non-SZU-employees (some from abroad) with teaching capacity. At present, the college runs 68 majors for adult undergraduate students pursuing bachelor's degrees. The already-big student number has a huge space for increasing in the future.
Presently, continuing education of all sorts is growing rapidly. The college runs training classes for students preparing for National Adult School Entrance Examination, English tests and Computer Training classes of all levels, China National Professional Certificate training classes and training classes for foreign professional certificates. The college is also appointed with honor by the municipal government as a major training center for the local government officials. In recent years, the college has established joint programs with government departments, universities, institutions and trade societies in countries and regions like the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong, which have achieved great success. Up to now, over 150,000 people have received training or adult higher education in the School.
The college has a clear mission and conception of education with a relatively adequate administrative system. The college enjoys a distinguished, good reputation in teaching, learning, administration and service. It is therefore not surprising that the School has been honored frequently as a model educational institution by the provincial and municipal governments.
With a strong teamwork spirit, the staff are now endeavoring to build the college into a life-long education base, standing in a leading place both in Guangdong Province and even throughout China, with a large number of majors, wide range of subjects, high quality, strict administration and special features.  
Undergraduate Programs:
General affairs office 
Degree education management 
Non-degree education management and training projects
Student Department: student-related work

Majors for Students Upgraded from Associate Degrees:
Accounting, Finance, International economy and trade, Administration management, Human Resources, Business Administration, Information Management and information system, Electronic science and techniques, Computer science, Software engineering, Civil engineering, English, Law, Art Design, Musicology, Performance, Education, Fine Arts
Majors for Associate Degrees:
Accounting, Financial Insurance, Finance and Securities, International trade, Business Administration, Economic Information Administration, Human Resources Administration, Administration management, Finance Administration, Market and sales, Investment and financing, Logistics, E-commerce, Custom applying and international shipping, Law affairs, Public relations, Pre-school education, Tourism, Applied English, Business English, Host and Broadcasting, Property management, Applied Electronics, Computer information management, Computer applied techniques, Computer multi-media techniques, Communication techniques, Construction engineering management, Computer network techniques, Graph and photo operation, Software techniques, Construction engineering techniques, engineering cost, Movie and television performance.
Training Programs:
Training program for students preparing for National Adult School Entrance Examinations
Training program for the local government officials
Training program for Publich English Tests (PETS) and NCRE
China National Professional Certificate training program
Training program for foreign professional certificates