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College of Civil Engineering

College of Civil Engineering grew from the Department of Structural and Civil Engineering, one of the earliest departments of Shenzhen University . In September 1985, the department enrolled its first group of undergraduate students . The Department of Structural and Civil Engineering was renamed to the Department of Civil Engineering in 1990. In April 1997, a reform was initiated to reorganize the departments in the form of colleges. The departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Design made up College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, which was one of the first schools established in Shenzhen University. In September 2006, the college was divided into College of Civil Engineering and College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

All the faculty members in the school have strong academic and practical engineering backgrounds. Many of them have overseas research experiences and are keeping tight cooperation with famous international institutes and researchers in various facets. The college has one visiting academician, 6 professors, and 17 associate professors. Four of them are doctorate supervisors. Around 80% of the faculties are doctor degree holders. All of them graduated from famous national and overseas universities.

The college attaches the importance on training students to be confident, self-directed, and self-activated. Colorful life on campus aims to assist students' multi-dimentional self-development. The graduates of the college are popular in the job market. Our alumni have made outstanding achievements with profound social impact. Just-Fit Properties Group, founded by alumni Mr. Deng Xueqin and Coastal Real Estate Company, founded by alumni Mr. Li Yibiao are famous real estate enterprises in Shenzhen. Two million-dollar fellowship, the Just-Fit Cherishing Fund and the Coastal Creativity Fund, were respectively set up by these two outstanding alumni to sponsor either poor students with dreams or talented students with ambitions.

Undergraduate Programs: 
1.  Civil Engineering 
2.  Construction Management and Real Estate 
3.  Transportation Engineering  

Graduate Programs: 
1.  Structural Engineering (MEng)   
2.  Disaster Prevention and Reduction and Protective Engineering (MEng)
3.  Management Science and Engineering (MEng)
4.  Architecture and Civil Engineering (MEng, part-time) 
College of Civil Engineering has been focusing on researches and obtained excellent achievements. The facilities in the college include the Research Institute of Structural Engineering, the Research Institute of Construction Management, the Research Center of Real Estate, the Research Center of Civil and Transportation Engineering, the Detonation Laboratory, and many other teaching and research laboratories. The Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Durability in Civil Engineering is sponsored by the government of Shenzhen and based on the college. The research funding of the college are mainly granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Construction, and the Shenzhen Bureau of Science, Technology and Information. The college also wins numerous fundings from industry. The amount of research fundings ranks the first among all the faculties in the university.

The teaching and research laboratories in the college specialize in the areas of structural engineering, engineering mechanics, engineering survey, construction materials, construction simulation, non-destructive inspection, and soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. The Laboratory of Construction Material ranks as the First Class Laboratory by the Construction Committee of Guangdong province. The Research Institute of Structural Engineering has passed the assessment and acquired the Accreditation Certificate from the China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAL) and the Metrology Accreditation Certificate from the Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision.

Constructurial Engineering
HUANG, Zhongwei Prof. PhD (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Dean of School of Civil Engineering
Lecturer, DEng (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei)
JIANG, Lianfu
Associate Prof. DEng (Tianjin University, Tianjin)
LI, Jingru
Lecturer DEng (Tianjing University, Tianjin)
LIU, Jian
Associate Prof. PhD (Nagoya University, Japan)
LU, Shaokai
Lecturer DEng (Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu)
MI, Xuming
Lecturer DEng (Xiamen University, Xiamen)
MO, Like
Lecturer DEng (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou)
SONG, Botong
Associate Prof. DEng (Tongji University, Shanghai)
WANG, Gang
Associate Prof.
WANG, Jiayuan
YUAN, Lili
Lecturer DEng (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan)
ZHANG, Qian 
Associate Prof. DEng (Tongji University, Shanghai), Head of Dept. of Construction Management