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College of Art and Design

College of Art and Design offers bachelor's degree in five main fields of study such as Industrial Design, Environmental Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, Graphic Design and Animation Design. Now the school has 50 teachers including 10 professors and 15 associate professors from well-known universities home and abroad with relatively high academic expertise and rich teaching experience, among whom many scholars and artists have obtained distinguished academic achievements.The college has shaped a rationally-structured teaching and research team with academic expertise and they are full of vitality and creativity.

The Department of Industrial Design was set up in Sept.1987, one of the earliest in China. From coping with the British pattern at the very beginning to forming its own teaching system, it has carries out beneficial attempts in China's Industrial Design educational practice.
The Department of Environmental Design was built in 1994. On the basis of grasping the advanced vision and transmitting tool and technology, it pays great attention to the quality of the students especially focusing on the forming of individual characters and innovative thinking.  Taking into account the requirements for talents in the new century, the Department has made bold explorations in blazing new trails in bringing in more lively and vigorious teaching mode, introducing genuine and practical teaching materials and promoting design education in a unique way.
The Department of Graphic Design was established in Sept. 2002 including corporate image design, package design, advertisement design, and book binding design etc. The prosperity of the marketing economy in Shenzhen has offered numerous chances for the development of graphic design. Furthermore, the influx and collision of Chinese and foreign culture and art has formed a unique growing environment for the development of Shenzhen graphic design. Now the department has already shown up prominently in economic construction and social development of Shenzhen, and it will make even greater contribution to the modernization of Shenzhen. 
The Department of Fashion Design was set up in Sept. 2002. It grew from the fashion design program which was one of the earliest programs of the school and has turned out more than one hundred outstanding fashion designers. After many years' teaching practice, it has formed a complete teaching system of cultivating practice-oriented students. And the students have participated in many international and domestic fashion design competitions and are awarded many prizes.
The department of Animation Design mainly trains talents that possess the basic knowledge and basic theories of movie & TV annimation and could be working as an animation-designer, a director, a 3D computer animation designer, or a creative theory researcher in the field of movies, TV and IT etc. Majors in animation design are headed by existed art experts, Ph.D holders in computer science and constantly introduced by national excellent graduates with master's and PhD degrees. At the same time, The school has established a teaching and R&D cooperative relations with IDMT, an Asia-famous animation company. The school pays great attention to putting what students have learned in the class into practice and is committed to training students' overall qualities and initiative spirit. 
At present, the college is transforming from focusing on teaching to emphasizing equally on teaching and scientific research. Now there is an art and design research center co-built by Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Municipal Cultural Bureau including the research center of fresco institute, the research center of furniture design, and the research center of digital media and animation.
The college has established the consciousness ahead of time and strengthened the modern ideology. Now teachers, students, administrative personnels and workers of the whole school study diligently and work creatively so as to turn our school into a modernized and internationalized college with a good national and international reputation.   
Undergraduate Programs: 
1.  Industrial Design 
2.  Environmental Design 
3.  Fashion Design and Engineering 
4.  Graphic Design 
5.  Animation Design
 Folk culture of fine arts and design
A report of fashion design prize-winner :
     Graduate Li YeHon of Grade2007 has won the prize of the best technique in CCTV Innovative China, Design winner, a fashion design competition on March 28, 2008.
     CCTV Innovative China, Design winner is co-sponsored by Women Fashion channel of CCTV and YiShion. With the cooperation of more than 20 Chinese key universities such as Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Fashion technology and more than 20 local channels such as GZTV and XATV, this event is subjected to demonstrate leisure clothes with a theme of innovation, encouragement and Olympic spirit.
     Li YeHon also won another prize of best designer of gym clothes in 2008 CCTV Kongfu fashion design competition on May,6 2008.